Why training is more important than ever?
Considered as an asset for competitiveness, training constitutes an essential investment to face changes in technological, operational, regulatory and sales requirements.
Ultimately, organizations that listen to the learning needs of their employees are pathing the way for ongoing success. For the future well being of the building industry in the MENA Region, every comapny is encouraged to start investing in their greatest asset: their employees.
Learning to grow
Since 2004, APAVE offers training programs tailor made to develop the performance of employees. With an average of 300 participants per year, this activity is in continual development.
Our approach is to integrate the growth objectives of companies into a training program to suit all levels.
From in-house and customized training sessions, to organized training programs within the framework of an annual training plan, APAVE offers a complete and adjustable range of training services covering various fields.
Considered as the first technical training provider in the region, APAVE attracts participants from the MENA region such as Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan and KSA. APAVE's mission is to give priority to practical skills development through quality-based approaches.
Furthermore, APAVE assists companies with the logistics and management of their training needs, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.
Training Catalogue
Every year, APAVE training team develops an annual training catalog, comprising more over thirty different topics, based on values directly oriented towards enhancing operational efficiency, integration of technological advancements, risk management awareness and development of competencies.
These courses take place at APAVE's training center in Beirut and bring together the participants over a common theme: creating new opportunities through expert training.

Expert Trainers
Our trainers approach is continuously updated and enriched by their close contact with the industry. All training programs are adapted to meet the requirements and expectations of clients.

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