OPEN TRAININGS Safety and Security

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Introduction to the technical and governance security solutions that permit to mitigate security threats and to quickly recover in case of a successful attack.

Who should attend

Telecom and IT engineers, Middle Management


The exposure to security threats continues to increase as business environments evolve. New forms of threats and vulnerabilities are invented, developed, automated and distributed on a daily basis. Managing security and detecting novel as well as existing threats proactively is a core challenge to every organization, and continuously improving the security posture of key environments is essential.
The aim of this course is to provide a comprehensive coverage of the information security Defense-in-Depth and Defense-in-Breadth methodology. We will use case studies from different sectors of society.
Topics covered in the course include:
 Setting up an Information Security Management system (ISMS);
 OS security (Windows and Linux);
 Network security principles and useful tools;
 Endpoint security;
 Secure development methodologies;
 Mobile application security;
 Security monitoring and log analysis (SIEM, SOC);
 Attacks and countermeasures;
 Resilience (BCP&DRP);
 Industrial systems security (SCADA, DCS, IACS);
 Cloud security, and
 IoT security considerations

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